Financial Due Diligence

As a business man, if you are considering a deal to buy , then you as a buyer should check all the points of the deal. This in financial terminology we say Financial due diligence . A proper and well structured financial due diligence provides peace of mind to both corporate and financial buyers. To provide a well studied financial due diligence, we at Majid Alfelasi & Associates analyze and validate all the financial, commercial, operational and strategic assumptions.

Our financial due diligence involves a complete and depth evaluation of the customer’s business plan according to the market and industry conditions. Our strategic valuation helps our customers to create their corporate strategy and diagnose poor performance. This provides a platform to analyze the new markets and potential possessions.

At Majid Alfelasi & Associates, we help our customers in promoting the deal to achieve its objectives by improving the purchaser's understanding of the target business. We also help our clients analyze the success factors to improve the understanding of all the relevant issues.

Following are the basic components of financial due diligence on which we focus:

  • Revenue
  • Synergy Validation
  • Maintainable Earnings
  • Commercial and market due diligence
  • Deal Structuring
  • Future cash flows and all operational issues