The enterprise risk management (ERM) specialists at Majid Alfelasi & Associates offer internal auditing services to its customers. ERM is an independent assurance and advice over the quality of internal control and risk frameworks. We, at Majid Alfelasi & Associates have a committed team of internal audit specialists who provide objective support for internal audit effectiveness and improvement.

Majid Alfelasi & Associates helps its customers and organizations in implementing a sustainable enterprise risk management system (ERM) by conducting following enterprise risk assessment:

  • Assessing the current status of risk management practices.
  • Developing a practical road map to achieve a desired state of risk management.
  • Transferring knowledge and providing training to support a successful risk management system initiative.
  • Aligning risk appetite and strategy.
  • Meet shareholders’ needs (e.g. regulatory compliance, more transparent communications, etc).
  • Enhancing risk response decisions.
  • Reducing operational surprises and losses.
  • Provide a useful strategic tool
  • Rationalize the monitoring functions
  • Improve accountability among various levels of management.
  • Identifying and managing multiple and cross-enterprise risks.